Perfect Engagement Ring

3 Simple Steps To Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a beautiful token of love that symbolizes your commitment to staying with that special someone till the rest of your life. And a beautiful engagement ring is an indispensible part of a beautiful proposal. If you are going to make a proposal and are looking for a perfect engagement ring here are three simple steps to follow.

Know Your Four C's

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When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring the biggest challenge is finding a diamond that matches the bride's style and the one you can afford. When choosing the diamond you should know how a diamond's value is determined. There are 4 Cs you should pay attention to: carat, clarity, cut, and color. Carat refers to the diamond's weight, clarity means the gem's flawlessness and the cut shows the number of the stone's facets. The major factors that impact the price of the gem are the size or carat, and the clarity. Naturally, the larger and clearer the diamond is, the more costly it is. The same principle applies to the face facet number; more cuts mean more labor and consequently a higher price. Many people think that diamonds can be of white color only. This is not true and you may find diamonds of different hues. Still, clear diamonds are most common.

The Cost Involved

As we said above, the price of a ring depends of the quality and size of the gemstone and the band. So, the prices differ greatly. According to 2015 Newlywed Report published by WeddingWire, the average engagement ring costs $4,758, which is not cheap. People have different ideas about how much to spend on an engagement ring, but typically its cost is tied to how much the bridegroom makes a year. Someone is ready to spend his monthly salary to buy the ring, while others may be willing to pay twice or even times more - such decision is highly subjective. Engagement rings are not cheap so it is always nice to be able to save on its purchase. At Groupon you will find a nice selection of engagement and wedding rings that will express your love without words. Whether you are looking for an affordable ring or want to splurge on a luxury wedding jewelry item Groupon has them all. Plus, you can get the ring of your choice for less with an extra 10% off code used during the checkout.

Contemplate A Customizable Ring

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If you want your engagement ring to be really unique consider creating a customized ring. Such a ring will show that your engagement is as one of a kind as your love story. Well, in this case you should choose a high quality loose diamond and the jewelers will design the ring for you, taking into account the bride's preferences. A customized ring is going to reflect your bride's personality perfectly.

The Band

Once you have found the right diamond the next step is choosing the engagement ring's band. The band supports the gem and its color should match the bride's skin tone and style. Traditionally, bands can be made of gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.