Moonstone Beads

Moonstone beads have become very popular because they come with mystical properties. These beats have been used by certain religions and they are thought to bring good luck in relationships. Today Moonstone beads are enjoyed because they look romantic, sensuous and seductive. The beads themselves are translucent and they softened light that shines through them and this gives them a pearly glow. These beads play with the light and gives them a unique look and advantage to other beads.

Topfrogdesings - Moonstone

Moonstone beads originally were colorless but you can find some that are white, gray and yellow. These colorless rainbow moonstone beads produce an array of colors when hit by light and are very popular among women. The most interesting thing about these beads is the mystery that surrounds it just like the moon from which it gets its name. Different countries have different folklore associated with these beads. In India, Moonstone's are called dream stones and they are believed to dispel nightmares. In Arab countries, Moonstone beads symbolize fertility and often times jewelry made from these beads are worn by women who want to conceive children. Also, these beads are worn by sea travelers during ancient times to bring the luck. As you can see there are lots of people who offer these beads in their jewelry due to their mysterious properties. If you want to try bringing luck into your life and never hurts to wear accessories that are made from Moonstone beads.

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