Meanings & Attributes of Gemstone Beads

For many centuries gemstone beading has been utilized by numerous cultures. Gemstones are special because of the traditional attributes associated with them. They are said to have various effects on the body as well as the environment. Citrine is known to soothe anxiety while Tiger Eye is commonly linked to wealth. While Sunstone wearers are said to experience less stress and increased power of personal attraction. Iolite is recognized as a stone of leadership as well as self confidence and Fluorite is said to sharpen one's intuition. Below, you will find a list of the 26 most common gemstone types and each of their traditional attributes to help you better understand their meanings and capabilities.

#1 Amethyst

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Amethyst

Amethyst is known for adding mystery and depth to any jewelry design. The gem is typically worn to heighten intuition as well as inspiration because of its association with psychic powers and prosperity. Amethyst is also believed to aid in recovery from addiction leading to the road of sobriety. The vivid purple in the stone has been linked to spirituality and royalty to boot.

#2 Apatite

Apatite is believed to promote harmony and have a distinct link to water.

#3 Aquamarine

Aquamarine is typically associated with clarity, tranquility, and creativity. It is known to sooth its wearers stress level and prove helpful during meditation. Due to its aqua coloring the stone is often linked to the sea.

#4 Aventurine

Aventurine aka the Stone of Heaven is commonly recognized as a gem that protects the heart, promotes healing, and enhances creativity. Shamans regard it as the stone that opens the 'inner eye'. It is known to help wearers find a new path in life, attract a grandiose amount of wealth, and promote leadership. Aventurine is the original stone to bring good luck to its user.

#5 Carnelian

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Carnelian

This vividly orange stone of Carnelian radiates energy. It is thought to motivate its wearers and stimulate career growth. Carnelian is also believed to ward off rage, envy, and melancholy while protecting against fear. It is also commonly utilized in charms of seduction and love.

#6 Chrysoprase

The Chrysoprase gem is thought to evoke states of deep meditation and/or grace. Chrysoprase is associated with good communication, wisdom, and stress relief. It is also commonly used as a mood uplifter. The gem is believed to banish envy while attracting wealth and luck.

#7 Citrine

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Citrine

Citrine is commonly associated with a large collection of positive attributes. When in charm form Citrine is known to bring success, money, and abundance. It is also associated with optimism, self-confidence, and clearer thinking leading to sound mental health, wisdom, and creativity.

#8 Coral

Coral is a symbol for the essence of life. This lively stone is known for promoting vitality and an abundance of physical energy into its wearers.

#9 Emerald

Emerald is popularly associated with the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. However, many wear emerald to keep a lover loyal. Emeralds are also historically linked to wealth, truth, self-knowledge, and mental clarity. This beautiful stone is believed to promote patience, balance, and healing while warding off depression and strengthening one's immune system.

#10 Garnet

Garnet is extremely popular among gemstone wearers. The gems warm red coloring compliments most skin tones and pairs well with a variety of materials. The Egyptians believed that Garnet brought passionate and loyal love. Charms made of Garnet were thought to protect one from robbery. While others wore garnet to aid the body in purification and enhance the imagination.

#11 Iolite

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Iolite

Iolite aka water sapphire is thought to support a strong inner self confidence associated with prominent leadership qualities. Iolite is also believed to promote spiritual growth, simplicity, and peace.

#12 Jasper

Rich in history, Jasper is known to be a powerful protective gemstone. During the ancient times Jasper was typically worn by healers and utilized to bring rainfall in times of drought. As a defector of negative energy and stress, the stone is believed to bring focus, mental clarity, stamina, and good health. Jasper is also thought to promote security, stability, and independence.

#13 Labradorite

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Labradorite

Labradorite is composed of a smokey iridescence giving the stone a very mysterious beauty. Commonly linked to magic, destiny and faith, Labradorite is believed to promote psychic visions and abilities. The gem is thought to strengthen intuition and enhance self-reliance.

#14 Moonstone

Moonstone is named after its lunar shimmering quality and is available in several mily colors. This one of a kind stone is commonly associated with creativity, intuition, and good fortune. When in charm form, Moonstone is said to bring nurturing qualities out of its wearer. The stone is also thought to attract compassion, sympathy, and love. When one wants to spice up their life, wear moonstone! It is considered to be a very passionate stone.

#15 Onyx

Onyx was originally thought to banish grief. However, it has more recently been associated with wisdom, happiness, protection, and good fortune. Onyx is commonly used to help end bad habits and assist with self discipline, grounding, healing, and relaxation. The stone is also known for encouraging spiritual inspiration and marital happiness.

#16 Pearls

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Pearls

In our yester years pearls were known as the 'tears of the Gods' as they symbolized purity and innocence. Pearls also have strong associations with feminine characteristics. Additionally, pearls have been linked to the moon and the sea.

#17 Peridot

Peridot adds a vibrant touch of green to any jewelry design. The gorgeous gemstone is commonly associated with mysticism and psychic visions. When in charm form, Peridot is thought to protect the wearer from jealousy while promoting strong will, a sense for problem solving, and marital happiness.

#18 Quartz

Quartz comes in many different yet equally beautiful shades of color. Crystal quartz are commonly linked to healing and mediation while rutilated quartz is associated with positivity as well as creativity. One wears smokey quartz to enhance levels of endurance and education. Rose quartz is an extremely popular gem known for promoting feelings of compassion and love.

#19 Ruby

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Ruby

Rubies are usually linked to power, wealth, sex, and joy. Rubies are known for generating passion and aiding in spiritual endeavors. This highly remarkable gem was first believed to protect its wearer from misfortune while inspiring courage.

#20 Sapphire

Sapphire aka the 'Stone of Prosperity' is thought to help its wearers fulfill their destinies. The gem is often linked to joy, inner peace, and intuition. During the Middle Ages, sapphires were associated with causing wicked thoughts but were later traditionally thought of as prominent symbol for hope and prophecy.

#21 Serpentine

Serpentine aka New Jade is believed to bring its wearer more easily into a meditative state. Serpentine is also thought to ward off fear and bring a new sense of self confidence.

#22 Sodalite

Meanings and Attributes of Gemstone Beads - Sodalite

Sodalite is commonly associated with inner peace, understanding, and harmony. The beautiful deep blue stone is known for encouraging deeper thinking, spirituality, and meditation. Others believe that Sodalite possesses the ability to boost one's immune system while improving communication. Artists, Actors, and public speakers tend to wear sodalite to improve their self expression abilities.

#23 Sunstone

This protective stone is thought to provide extra energy to get through stressful situations. Sunstone will empower its wearer in order to promote self esteem healing, combat depression, and bring physical harmony. Sunstone is also believed to boost one's personal power of attraction and encourage healthy sexuality.

#24 Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is the original talisman to protect a wearer from the Evil Eye. Tiger Eye is also believed to encourage confidence, grounding, and emotional balance into its wearer. When faced with a tough decision turn to Tiger Eye for aid. The beautiful gem is also known to protect, heighten psychic abilities, and stimulate wealth.

#25 Topaz

Topaz is commonly known for calming and balancing its wearer while promoting compassion, courage, kindness, and empathy. Topaz enhances feelings of joy and awareness. The stone is also believed to encourage higher thinking, so many artist and scholars wear the stone daily.

#26 Tourmaline

Tourmaline is believed to strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. Its wearers use the stone to attract concentration, inspiration, balance, and understanding. Tourmaline is also known to calm nervousness, sooth sadness, and restore self confidence. Tourmaline is available in many rare colors.

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