Jewelry Trends

2017 Wedding Jewelry Trends

Pearls Vintage Class

The perfect set of earrings, stylish necklace or timeless bracelet can top off your wedding style to have you looking like a dream. The three most popular jewelry wedding trends of 2017 are romantic florals, vintage glamour, and modern minimalism. Incorporating one of these breathtaking trends into your big day's final look is sure to have you radiating beauty.

Vintage glamour is making its way back into style through classic 1950's style jewelry pieces featuring pearls. Pearls are timeless as they modestly complement all skin tones. Plus, they are extremely versatile. A long strand of pearls screams vintage class. Or a single large pearl centered in a gold chain can be simple yet glamourous. If you want to spice up this vintage look with some modern fusion try out pink freshwater pearls in necklace form or studs set in an 18 carat rose gold base. Pearls work best for sweetheart necklines, lace or full skirt wedding dresses.

Another popular wedding jewelry trend on the rise is bohemian romantic florals. Floral silhouettes are the universal sign for romance and when you add a beautiful gemstone in the center you create a breathtaking piece of jewelry. Sapphires are all the rage since Prince William used one in the ring he proposed to Kate Middleton with. If you don't necessarily want sapphires incorporated in your engagement ring then why not wear a statement piece, such as a cuff with sapphires adorned throughout. A piece like this is sure to pop without upstaging your actual ring or dress. Or a pair of sapphire diamond drop earrings are sure to do the trick. These whimsical jewelry pieces are great additions to a dreamy bohemian styled wedding dress.

Last but certainly not least is the latest trend of modern minimalistic styled jewelry pieces. These quietly confident pieces are perfect for completing a sleek silhouetted wedding dress. These unique and contemporary gowns do not need to be overpowered by gaudy jewelry which makes simple minimalistic pieces a perfect match. Not only are modern minimalistic pieces versatile but they are also timeless as they can be worn on numerous occasions after your wedding day. To spice up your look choose pieces with small coloured gems or hues of rose or white gold. The possibilities are endless.