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The Winter season brought glitz, goth, and glam to the world of jewelry fashion and body piercings. However, as the seasons change and the sun comes out to play we are experiencing a jewelry and piercing fashion revolution. The new emerging trends contain rainbow colored jewelry as well as one of a kind lower lip statement pieces and constellation piercings.

Spring is bringing us an assortment of lightweight, funky and fun colored lines of new body jewels. It is time to put away the cool color palette and bring out the bold and the beautiful. Anodized titanium jewelry is certainly on the trendsetting forecast as well as psychedelic gems. Plus, medical grade titanium is available in a rainbow array of beautiful colors and will not cause an allergic reaction to sensitive skin. Its high shine is sure to spruce up your jewelry collection by ten fold.

Ear piercings are also very in style this coming Spring and Summer season, especially constellation piercings. Last season, dainty helix, daith, and rook piercings began to emerge as a popular look in the fashion world and we expect the trend to only continue to rise. Constellation piercings are specifically called to the forefront of fashion this spring as they create limitless style combinations. For example, you can customize and combine ear jewelry styles such as studs, barbells, chains, and cuffs. We are not longer limited to just dangly hoops and diamonds. Fortunately, ears can acceptably hold numerous piercings at one time and have the ability to create beautiful designs. Ear piercings are not only extremely versatile, but also virtually painless and trending hard this season.

Glitter Lips Electric Colours Trendy Spring Jewelry Fashions Trendy Spring Jewelry Fashions - Hologram Lipstick

Lips have been drawing plenty of attention too as new lipstick styles, plumpers, injections, and makeup techniques develop. The current rising trend is the bigger the lips the better. Luckily, with all of the available lip plumping tools on the market, anyone who wants to enlarge their lips can do so. Real and faux lip piercings are also emerging to complement our new large and in charge lip look. Not only is the vertical lip piercing taking center stage, but the inverse lip piercing is joining it. Everyone is raving about the vertical lip piercing because it is universally flattering as well as non invasive. And by non invasive we mean, it does not go all the way through your lip to the inside of your mouth. The piercing is performed in manner that avoids the annoying metal to gum rubbing irritation. However, keep in mind that the inverse lip piercing does hook into the inside of your mouth but the illusionary plumping lip payoff is worth it. Plus the vertical and inverse lip styles compliment just about any lip. Actually, anything that plumps your lips without surgery is an accomplishment.