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Fashion is forever connected with jewelry. They both are direct reflections of your personality and are influenced by your lifestyle. Jewelry has power to enhance your outfit in many unexpected way and help you shine. You can feel elegant, sexy, chic, and special with the help of statement jewelry pieces. A great necklace can pull your outfit together and make a statement. There are times when jewelry can be a little intimidating when you have to make something really work together and could be feeling uncertain if your jewelry goes with certain attire.

We would like to help you by providing some basic rules to make your jewelry compliment your outfits. There are no strict regulations or fashion police, but maybe some guidelines to help you feel confident and exude the spirit that draws attention and admiration.

One good rule to follow is always have the main design of your jewelry against your skin or on the clothing. You don't want to have your statement pieces hidden under your blouses or jackets.

When it comes to necklaces it's always a good idea to follow the neckline. Longer necklaces really shine when they follow the curve of your ensemble. If your neckline is high, your necklace should be long. If you like to layer your necklaces, make sure you don't stack them in a way that will hide pendants and focal points.


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If you want to wear a turtleneck, pair it with long necklaces or the ones that consist of more than one strand. Layering definitely comes handy here.

Boat neck cuts are very similar to turtlenecks and benefit from multi-layer or multi-strand necklaces and large components. Low cuts will not seem so low with long jewelry.

For other closer to the throat cuts similar rules apply - long and chunky jewelry will adorn your neckline and make a nice statement. It's good to know that long necklaces are never really out of style.

Crew cut is extremely forgiving and will compliment many different necklace styles. Bib-style and collar jewelry will bring out the shirt.

Strapless blouses and dresses will give you a lot of freedom to play with jewelry. Try long and knotted vintage pearl necklaces that go as low as your midriff for a fabulous effect, but keep in mind that bib-style necklaces or even chokers look great too.

Square, scoop, or sweetheart neck lines open up your neck for giant pendants, wide chokers, and ornate bibs.

If your choice of shirt has Y or V shaped neckline, consider similar shape necklaces. You can play with triangle pendants, multiple cascading flowers or petals, and gradual layers coming down.

Collared shirts and sophisticated button-ups work great with chokers, but by no means are limited to them. Pendant necklaces go very well with this attire and will draw attention to your choice of focal piece.

When the weather or occasion calls for a sweater or an outer jacket, keep your jewelry simple and lines understated. Always follow you garment lines to prevent the jewelry from disappearing.

Solid color clothing calls for intricate and multi-colored necklaces. This is the prime real estate to display some color. If your shirt is busy, avoid overloading the ensemble with more colors. Loud necklaces can easily clash with busy prints. Your jewelry and your attire should never fight for attention, but complement and enhance each other. In addition to preventing jewelry and clothing fight, do everything you can to avoid the fight between all the layered jewelry pieces too. You should choose to wear jewelry that enhance your style, but does nor weigh you down or make your life difficult.

If you choose to wear a large statement necklace, go with smaller earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Jewelry sets are intimidating to wear and require a lot of thought. You should overcome your fear and be brave, because there is nothing wrong with wearing matching necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings. You can wear such ensembles for formal and casual events. The best rule to follow if you are a bit intimidated is a rule of two - match two components and you will never have a miss. The set will still match without feeling a bit too much. Another good way to feel matching yet still casual is to combine a set of colors, metal with stone or similar. You can wear red jewelry together even if it's not made as a set. Try matching a certain type of precious stone to create a cohesive look.

Other Jewelry

Topfrogdesings - Fashion and Jewelry

You can start with necklaces, but don't forget that jewelry does not end with them. There is a lot more to fashion and accessories than just necklaces. All pieces together are what makes your outfits complete.

Cowl necks, ruffles, and scarves are great ways to enhance your look, but they can easily hide your jewelry. Ruffles and necklaces can fight for attention and clash if worn together, so be careful about such pairing. If you have clothing distractions around the neck, shift your focus to bangles, large rings, or statement earrings. If you have a neckline that is already embellished with beads, sparkly sequins, and ruffles, you should forgo the necklace all together. Your outfit will be complete with large bracelet or earrings that somewhat match the style of the garment embellishment.

Bracelets are a great way to add some sparkle and style to your outfit. You can stack a bunch of bangles or add a nice watch to the mix. Make sure that whatever you choose to do, you don't overload to the point that you yourself can't stand the commotion. You can mix the materials of your bracelets or stick to one or two types. Definitely wear many bracelets if you have short or rolled-up sleeves. A single wide statement cuff looks beautiful when on a long sleeve dress or shirt.

Statement earrings should grab attention when they are the biggest accessory in your outfit. If you have large earrings, choose to wear a simple chain made of matching metal. Chandelier, dusters or any other types of long earrings look good with low necklines. If you have a higher cut, consider pairing it with beautiful studs or drop earrings.

Large rings look beautiful with a cocktail dress or any other evening attire. One statement ring or one on each hand is usually enough. Smaller rings can be stacked just as easily as stacked bracelets. If you desire to layer rings, go for flat edges or single stones that fit with each other snugly.

Brooches and pins are not having their heyday in our modern times, but that doesn't mean they should be treated this way. We often underestimate the power of brooches to add some sass to our outfits. You can use brooches to add some style to your handbag, belt or even shoes. You can also use them as hat or scarves pins. Try grouping brooches together on a blazer, cardigan, or vest. Shoulder is probably the most popular place for them, but certainly not the only one. You can be creative and experiment.

There are also countless opportunities to wear toe rings, anklets, belts, head wraps, purse charms, phone accessories, multiple earrings, ear cuffs, and many more. You are the queen of your ensemble and you should make your own rules.