Body piercing jewelry

There is a history and evolution of body piercing and the jewelry that accompanies it. Approximately 2000 years ago the Bible mentions that body piercing was popular amongst nomadic tribes. In Egypt only the royal family could get body piercing. There are various reasons associated with different cultures forgetting body piercing. It was a symbol for strength for Roman warriors, who had a practical approach towards body piercing. But in other cultures it was just a way of beauty enhancement.

In medieval times, the art of body piercing was condemned and banned in many communities. But it gained popularity again and people started using body jewelry as a way to show off their wealth. Only a decade ago, body piercing was considered to be a symbol for rebellious youth. So one can see the relevance of body jewelry has changed quite a bit over time.

There are different societal and personal attitudes attached to modern day body piercing and jewelry. Ear piercings and nose piercings have been very popular since ancient times. Other forms of body piercing have come into being since. Mostly it is become a way of enhancing beauty and adorning the body. It is become a fashion statement amongst youngsters and many see it as a form of self-expression and body art. For some it became a way of increasing sexual pleasure or sexual stimulation. Gay men get body piercings done for identification. There are many stores available for any kind of body jewelry or body piercing.

Indians Body piercing jewelry

Different kinds of body piercing jewelry:

1) Naval piercing jewelry - naval piercing is a very popular form of body piercing. Navel piercing is considered to be very seductive and many women wear interesting belly buttons and belly piercing jewelry to adorn themselves.

2) Nostril piercing jewelry - nose piercing has been prevalent since early ages. It is a unique form of body piercing amongst youngsters. The most famous stars are Madonna and Lenny Kravitz.

3) Nipple piercing jewelry - nipple piercing is been in existence since ancient times. Many people get this form of body piercing done as it enhances sensual stimulations.

4) Ear piercing jewelry - ear piercing is a most common and most popular form of body piercing. It is popular around the entire world with both men and women.

5) Labret piercing jewelry - one can wear piercing jewelry on your labret and is a very popular form of body piercing and Central America.

6) Eyebrow piercing jewelry - eyebrow piercing is a very popular form of body piercing amongst youth.

7) Tongue piercing jewelry - this is a very interesting form of body piercing. Celebrities like Janet Jackson and Mel B of the Spice Girls where tongue piercing jewelry.

Materials such as wood, metals have been used for making body-piercing rings, body-piercing jewelry etc. One can also use semi precious stones, steel, bronze, silver, and titanium; gold, diamonds etc. gold and diamonds are the most popular as they hold value and are trendy and elegant at the same time.

Be aware of body piercing procedures, as the healing process and the aftercare are important to enjoy your body piercing. Get your body piercing done by a professional. Confirm the quality of your body piercing jewelry. Make sure you have extensive knowledge about the story you are buying from. You want to seek out quality standards to avoid any problems in maintaining your body piercing and body piercing jewelry.

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